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(Poster comment Lets hope its not biased towards a wanted result but a true gathering of membership positions,)


Hello, this is Greg, WIA President, with an important
WIA announcement for all amateurs:

Recently the Spectrum regulator, the Australian Communications
and Media Authority (ACMA) issued a consultation document
which details 3 options concerning the future of Amateur
Radio in Australia. Significantly, the ACMAs preferred
option is changing to a Class Licence instead of the
current apparatus licence.

This is a non-trivial change and has long term major
ramifications on the Radio Amateur Service in Australia.
Note that a change to a class licence was rejected in a
2004 determination issued by the ACMAs predecessor

Any changes to the Radio Amateur Service licensing framework
as proposed as the preferred option in the ACMA consultation
are likely to be permanent and irrevocable. Hence it is
vitally important that the WIA response reflects the views
of our members as well as, to the extent it is feasible, the
views of the wider radio amateur cohort.

Next week the WIA will be releasing its position paper on
the consultation and initiating a poll to gather feedback
from the amateur community. The WIA board and its supporting
volunteer technical team have been investigating and
researching the implications of the various options and
burning the midnight oil since this consultation was
released. The technical team has a great depth of skill and
experience in the radio communications sector and its
regulatory environment.

The WIA will be seeking feedback from its members and other
interested amateurs via a registered poll. You must be
registered to receive the poll with only one vote per ACMA
id (persons only not repeaters!). Please note WIA members do
not to need to register as you are pre-registered and will
automatically receive the poll via MemNet email. In line
with our previous practice, this poll will open to all
Australian radio amateurs via pre-registering to receive the
poll. I also ask that club presidents relay this registration
information to their members as soon as possible.

You can register by entering the URL:
into your internet browser.

We have had feedback from some (not all) Chrome browser users
being unable to access the registration page due to a
re-direction failure, in which case use the URL:

Remember the WIA, now 110 plus years young can only continue
to support the Amateur Radio community with YOUR support.


The WIA has released a paper that explains their position and that under the current ACMA proposal there is no option but to retain the current unassigned licence conditions. (No Change)

However like RASA the WIA hopes to negotiate a better position under a class licence, the problem is that under the present definition of a class licence (Section 3.4 of the Radiocommunication act) there exists no provisions to accommodate our service requirements, meaning that any special agreed conditions can easily be taken away any time thereafter. (Ministerial Directive)
The solution would be to write a new class licence definition for the AR service, unlikely to happen in the short term as this requires amendment to the existing act.
WIA and RASA are heading down a very slippery slope...

Link to WIA feedback request


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I rang the WIA, the guys knew nothing there, they are going to check and get back to me. Such an important issue and they know nothing.
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I am sorry to say this once again, but if any are depending on obtaining a diligent representation by either the WIA or RASA then good luck.

Just look at what we have become under the stewardship of these two bodies in the past 4 years.
ACMA pulls the strings and the two dance.

Putin individual submissions to the ACMA, even if something as simple as, "All proposed changes disadvantage the Amateur Radio Service service in one way or other. I don't support any changes to the service thus I select option A"

Sign it and send it to the ACMA by email

Online submissions can be made by uploading a document. Submissions in PDF, Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format are preferred.

Submissions can be emailed to SLPSConsultations@acma.gov.au

Submissions by post can be sent to:

The Manager

Spectrum Licensing Policy Section

Australian Communications and Media Authority

PO Box 13112

Law Courts

Melbourne VIC 8010
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Rob has kindly drafted a simple submission document to make it easier to submit to the ACMA.

Just download the attached document and edit the appropriate places with you own details, and post to the ACMA.