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This thread is a place to collect information required to run the club sausage sizzle.

This thread covers what we did for the earlier Jaycar radio demo.

The Victorian Health Department has published guidelines to running a sausage sizzle, see attached pdf for details.

Although it's not a mandated requirement, I think it's prudent that we should encourage club members responsible for food handling to do the free
on-line DoFoodSafely certification, if you want to have a go at it. go to:- if you score above 90% you get a certificate :)

Class 4 sausage sizzles operating from a temporary or mobile site need to
notify council through Streatrader. ( NB: now it's the new foodtrader portal that I linked to in a previous email )

Class 4 sausage sizzles do not need a
food safety program or a food safety supervisor, but must ensure that the
food they sell is safe to eat.

Class 4 sausage sizzles can only cook and serve sausages that may
includes onions, bread and sauce.

Do Food Safely is an online learning program on basic food handling


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Checklist. -- first draft Friday June 7

Site requirements.

1. Club Marquee
2. 4x folding tables
3. 2x plastic chairs
4. Club Banners
5. Traffic cones
6. BBQ and Gas Bottle.
7. Gas lighter for BBQ
8. BBQ tongs
9. BBQ Spatula
10. Knife and chopping board (optional)
8. A-frame sign.

Food Storage
1. Esky with ice for sausages.
2. Esky with ice for drinks.
3. Plastic Tubs for bread storage.
4. Thermometer.

Cleaning and Handling
1. Paper towels.
2. Sanitiser
3. Rubbish bin for used paper towel.
4. Bin liners
5. Disposable gloves
6. Aluminium Trays
7. Serviettes.
8. Apron
9. Zig Zag stand for serving.
10. Cash tin.
11. Cash Float 4x$20, 4x$10, 6x$5 20x$1 30x$2 ( total $200 )

Food and Drinks
1. Beef Sausages 24 pack Woolworths or Coles Thin BBQ Sausages.
2. Bread - white sandwich sliced. 1 loaf per 24 sausages
3. Onions - Woolworths sliced onions 500g packs -- maybe start at one pack per 24 sausages.
4. Drinks - Coke, Solo, Lemonade buy in packs of 10 for $9
5. Canola Oil

Condiments - Squeeze Bottles
1. Tomato Sauce.
2. BBQ Sauce.
3. Mustard.
4. Sriracha.
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Jaycar New Store Sausage Sizzle.
We had a great day sizzling sausages and chilling drinks, plenty of laughs and met some interesting customers. Financially, it was a success as well, the day raised almost $200 for the club coffers, and we still have some cans of drink to sell at the next club meeting. We managed to sell all of the six large packs of sausages that Jaycar provided, and we ran out the bread, onion and tomato sauce supply. All in all it was a great effort by everyone involved.
Here are a few pics..
One of the highlights of the day was the number of people converted to 3D printing by Denys (VK3ZYZ) he had a crowd around him all day in the Jaycar store demonstrating 3D printers.











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clocked up the steps doing a few trips to woolworths

good learning experience , conquered jaycar next is bunnings lol