[Recruitment] Sub Committee


Today the Recruitment sub Committee meet at Jaycar to discus the possibility of having a BBQ to aid in promoting and recruitment for the club. The manager and staff of Jaycar were very helpful and we were able to secure a firm positive response but they will need a specific date.
We will be asking the council about any requirements they might have even though it will be held on a walkway in the private car park in front of Jaycar. The suggested day and time is a Saturday between 09:00-12:30 one weekend in June or July.
Our main goal is to promote the club and the activities of amateur radio, please find bellow a list of things that we are thinking of and or need help with, this is an open discussion, if you can help or have something to add please do so and speak up.

-People with current Safe food handling or club training program (link)
-Gas/meat/onion/sauce etc
-Tables and chairs (ones for serving ones for equipment)
-Power Leads
-Remote Power(batteries/solar)
-Raffle tickets
-Arduino demos
-Radio demos
-4WD Setup demos
-WSPR demo
-SDR demo
-Promotional Pamphlets
-Membership forms
-CB Radio 4WD's etc

We are also looking at getting pieces written for and published in local publications. If any one has some good ideas and interviews etc?
Advertisements Outlets.
-Sheppartion News
-Council Bulletins boards
-Genral Poster for Club


I heard back from WIA in regards to their public promotional stuff:
Hi Josh,

The National Office of the WIA in Melbourne should be able to help you with the following promotional material:-

A/ Calling CQ brochure and poster (see: www.wia.org.au/members/promoting/callingcq/). This material is designed to appeal to younger people.

B/ The WIA membership brochure (see: www.wia.org.au/newsevents/news/2011/20110103-3/index.php).

Contact the Executive Officer, Bruce Deefholts, via email: nationaloffice @ wia.org.au, or phone: (03) 9729 0400. Office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Best wishes for success with your project.

Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
Editor in Chief, Amateur Radio magazine
I'll get in touch with Bruce soon.


Staff member
Here are the requirements for the sausage sizzle.

Main point are:-
1. Sausage sizzles, where only sausages (with or without onions, sauce and bread) are cooked and served
immediately, are class 4 – the lowest level of regulation. As a class 4, you may also carry out any other class 4
food activities, such as selling bottled water or soft drinks.

2. As a class 4 food premises, you are required to notify your local council before trading in Victoria. You do this on
the Food Safety Unit’s online registration platform, Streatrader, which can be found at:
If you are only asking for a voluntary donation, such as a ‘gold coin donation’, or giving away your food, you do not
need to be registered with, or have notified, your local council.

3. There are no legal requirements – such as having a food handling certificate, a food safety program or a food
safety supervisor – for class 4 temporary food premises.

To comply with food safety regulations, we will need to organize the following.

1. An esky with ice for storage of uncooked sausages.
2. A container to protect bread and onions from insects and dust etc.
3. Facilities for hand washing and sanitizing.
4. Paper towells, serviettes and rubbish container.
5. A couple of tables to allow for proper organization and separation of tasks.
6. Disposable gloves and aprons.

Possibly some other stuff?

If anyone wishes to learn more there is a free food handler training program.
Community volunteers are encouraged to complete the Food Safety Unit’s free online learning program,
DoFoodSafely, to improve their knowledge of safe food handling techniques. This informative and fun program
takes about an hour to complete and includes seven topics on food safety and a final quiz. Participants who score
more than 90 per cent on the quiz receive a certificate. You can find the program at:



New member
Thanks Ray. Simpler than I thought as we will either be providing the Sausages at no charge or possibly a Gold Coin donation. Decision to bee made.


Staff member
How about purchasing a few boxes of soft drink cans when they are on special prices?
Even if just the generic cheap brands.