Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I dropped it :(


My GN2 fell out of my pocked onto the concrete.
I was less then pleased!
It still works, so I thought I'd try masking it off and spraying it with clear varnish to hold all the glass bits together.
Getting an even coverage was a problem as the spray was beading, even after the screen was cleaned with Acetone.

It looks like it may be successful.

The case it had just perished and fell to bits. This cover is not available as the phone has an extended battery so standard cases do not fit.
I'll try to draw a new one and 3D print it in flexible filament.

This will be interesting to see how it holds up.


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Good luck Denys, just an idea, how about printing into the new case a lug with a hole for a lanyard perhaps on the top edge ? That might give the proud owner a chance to secure the phone to the body or behind the button of the shirt pocket ,Gdonya Denys.


That is a good idea, but drawing it is a bit hard for me. I will try.
On Ebay, there is a replacement glass for about $9 so when that arrives, I may try to swap it. Hope the spray has not stuck the glass to the display!