Remote Antenna Tuner Mounted At Dipole


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I hope to get something like this up and running in the near future.
ATU-100 Remote Unit.jpg

An ATU-100 auto antenna tuner could be mounted in a poly pipe enclosure and hung from the dipole just under the BALUN.
It will be powered from a 19V laptop power supply with a local LM317 droppling the power to 12V.
When turned off, both relays in the remote unit feed the coax to the BALUN.
But when powered up, the relays operate and place the ATU-100 in line.
Pushing the "TUNE" button lifts the DC to 16V, that turns on the opto via the 12V zener diode so "pushing" the tune button.
ATU-100 Local Unit.jpg

I think I would prefer a manual tune cycle to the auto one.
Any thought would be welcome.