Old TV as work light


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I was inspired by DIY Perks Youtube channel to have a play wih an old TV backlight.
Much to the "delight" of my XYL, another old TV was picked up from being dumped on the side of the road. This one is a 44" JVC model. Upon trying it out, the LCD was reveled to be smashed. In fact, it looks like some goo from the LCD has leaked over a lot of the back light lens so it is a bit damaged.
Once the LCD was removed, the back light could be turned on with the TV power switch but after a time, it would power down again. So, the next step was to see if the TV board could be removed and just leave the power supply there.
After measuring the power supply pins with the TV in standby and then powered up, the pins on the TV board of interest are as follows....
Standby ON
12V 12V 12V
ADJ 0V 2V5

So, I tried a 470R (it looks like in the picture. I ment to use a 1K2 but must have picked up the wrong one) resistor from 12V to ON/OFF, 1N4148 from ON/OFF to ADJ and a red LED from ADJ to GND.
And it looks to be working :)

Photo on 17-5-23 at 1.28 pm.jpg

The parts fit on the bottom of the power board connector...


I just thought of something else. As the TV screen and board are no longer there, the 12V would be available for other uses. Hmmm.....
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