Make A Battery Bank (for almost $0)


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As mentioned on the 80M net, I have picked up some electronic cigarettes. These devices are the single use versions and can often be found tossed out (or collected from a friend who uses them).

The case is Aluminum with the ends pushed in.
Grabbing the mouth piece with pliers, and applying a bit of brute force, it can be pulled out.


Then the "guts" can be slid out, or the other end removed and the pushed out.


Do not short the battery wires unless you want some fire! I did and it is pretty spectacular.
Cut the red from the battery, then the black. If you want, the pressure switch and heater can be salvaged too, along with any other parts you want. But I am just interested in the battery.


So far, I have about a dozen of these, so, with a suitable battery management board, a reasonably power supply can be built.