IARU Region 3 Monitoring System


The International Amateur Radio Union IARU main web site is http://www.iaru-r3.org/
For the Region 3 monitoring system https://www.iaru-r3.org/spectrum/monitoring-system/

Monitoring System
Why the Monitoring System is of great importance
The role of the IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) — monitoring the amateur bands to search and identify transmissions sent by intruders — is important because the amount of all kinds of intruders is rapidly growing!
A number of national Monitoring Coordinators and volunteers have been watching our bands for many years. But more needs to be done to raise awareness of societies and countries where there no national monitoring team exists. Also, existing groups can still help by sharing detailed information worldwide with others. Monitoring is Teamwork!

IARU’s Role in Spectrum Privileges
The amateur and amateur-satellite services are allocated relatively narrow frequency bands located throughout the spectrum from 135.7 kHz to 250 GHz. Protecting spectrum access by qualified operators on a non-commercial basis is the principal mission of the IARU.
The IARU is recognized as the representative of the amateur and amateur-satellite services by the ITU as well as by the regional telecommunications organizations (RTOs) that play an important role in the the WRC process. The IARU member-societies are responsible for representing the IARU to their national telecommunications administrations and regulators.

R3 Monitoring System Report Form is attached.



Staff member
Reports go to the national body, in this case email to intruders@wia.org.au from there it goes to the R3 co-ordinator.

Noticed an interesting Screen shot in the R1 monitoring system page.


That's 4 individual OTH radars operating simultaneously on 40M, notice how they are avoiding each other!