Buy Swap or Sell -- Radio and Electronics related only!

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Rule1: Radio and Electronics related only!

In these days of Covid-19 locks downs, and the subsequent cancellation of our Hamfest, the opportunity to pick up a bargain has become somewhat limited.

So here is a place to list any items you have for swap, sale, or give away.

I should note, this NOT ebay or VKClassified, this is just a free service for club members to trade amongst ourselves, any deals done are your own responsibility. In other words, any issues arising from a sale or swap are between yourself and the other party. Pretty much the same as the Hamfest. Think of this facility as a virtual hamfest, but with bigger tables and more bargains.

When listing an item for swap or sale, start a new thread for each item. When the item is sold, let me know and the thread will then be deleted.

I'll lock this thread and make it sticky so that it's always on top. Check here for any changes to listing requirements.

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