3d printer help required


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I am in need of a person with a 3d printer who would be so kind to print me 2 boxes for my RA-35 all-star interface boards. The box's are about the size of a cigarette pkt & l will supply printer setup file required and of course pay for boxes. Can you help ??
Contact Colin VK3DQS on 0434292732 or email - oz123.colin31@gmail.com


I'm printing on 2 of my machines at the moment.
The Deltaprintr is not printing flat as you can see the very thin print in the front corner. If it makes it past the first layer it will be ok. I have not figured out why it is doing this of late. The auto bed leveling should take this into account, but there had been something changed and I do not know what.


On my Wombot, it is a bit shaky. And again, I do not know why. A grub screw did fall out of this printer a while ago but I have not found just from where. And of course, while sticking the grub screw onto a bit of tape so it would not get lost, I dropped it and now it is gone.

The finished prints will be displayed here for those interested.


The Deltaprintr was a fail. It needs to have a good overall I think.

But the Wombot look ok. Almost done...