Wireless RS232 Using the Parani SD1000


Wireless RS232 Using the Parani SD1000
The SD1000 provides one of the best RS232 solution over Blutooth technology
In my case I had to solve a problem caused by RF getting into my solar inverter communication card that damaged the card.

The remote monitoring of my solar system was been done via a USB link back to the compuer this cable was the path allowing the RF energy into the card causing damage. Choking and Shielding did not provide a total solution making it obvious that a wireless link was required eliminating the lenght of cable required.
Fortunatly the communication card had an RS232 and Ethernet ports offering several paths to solve the problem, I chose to use the RS232

I knew that Wireless RS232 had been available in the past so I went looking finding a meriad of available devices, all would require either a master slave configuration or had to be configured via a computer using the AT command set, not really a seamless plug and play solution.
Price was a consideration thus I kept away from the Parani unit and looked for alternatives and down the rabbit hole I went, In the end emerging from the warren with the Parani been the only device that suted my application.

The unit offers a stand alone solution with a straight forward pairing procedure that remains so configured unless reset, the RX TX data flow is self configuring to the attached device.
Supports BAUD rates from 2400 to 115K
The Data Flow control is selectable from XON/XOFF to full Hardware
The fact that the configuration is done in harware makes the device very easy to implement. Apply power to both units and set the required parameters then attach to the equipment and you have an RS232 Wireless connection.