Info on PCM Hawk II PVH-1 hand held radio wanted...


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Does anyone have any info on these hand held radios?
They are in di-cast cases, and look very well made.

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So far, I have found the following..
It looks like they need at least 12V (maybe 15V?) as at about 11V, the low battery LED lights, or goes out as I crept the voltage up.
The first one I checked has 2 crystals.
8.8125 and 8.8216Mhz.
The IF is 21.4Mhz as that is the crystal frequ. and the numbers work out.
( 8.8125 X16 ) + 21.4 = 162.400
( 8.8218 X16 ) + 21.4 = 162.5488 (162.550)


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Could be a candidate for conversion to 2 meters, Does the Rx work, if so you could feed a sig gen into them to check the frequencies.


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The RX does work ok, and it is running from my sig gen at the moment. I'm in the process of programming my Arduino Nano VFO to give me a tun-able "crystal" to test the band width and help nudge it to 2M if I can.
Photo on 8-04-2024 at 1.31 PM.jpg

Here is the code I've come up with. It can be a handy test device with the appropriate numbers changed to suit.
The target freq, IF offset and multiplier need to be changed for other sets. This code does not have limits set so it would really need to be cleaned up a bit.
// synthesiser default settings on start up.
unsigned long frequency = 162400000;     // 4 bytes required for frequency
unsigned long step_size =      1000;     // default tuning increment (Hz)
unsigned long IFoffset  =  21400000;     // IF offset for clockgen
unsigned long VFO       =        0;      // VFO frequency
unsigned long multiplier=       16;      // crystal multiplier

int32_t cal_factor = 33100;             //  for my tester, found from Si5351 calibrator sketch.
I reckon a new thread of home made test gear may be a good one to start so I'll copy this over.

EDIT: Replaced the code with the new version 20240409


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