Icom 7300 for sale.


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Hi all,
Thought I would post here before listing elsewhere to give our club members first choice on this one.

Purchased around 2016-17 will check my original receipts for exact date but is in excellent shape for a 7300.
As most of you know these are very popular and have become a sort of staple for most Hams these days for good
Originally was bought to try the latest SDR tech from ICOM and something to play around with but I found I really
loved this little radio. Probably the best thought out ICOM radio of all time. If not sure, read up the reviews on eham.net
and you will find many positive reviews.

It has been a backup to my other main radios in the shack and came into use when my 7610 was in the shop for repairs a
couple of times. A total of only a few hours of transmit time only.

Has never been abused or used on digital modes either, and for anyone who knows me I take very good care of my gear.
Comes with original box, original mic, power cable and manual etc. Has never been back to ICOM for any repairs.
The only reason I am selling it is that it is just sitting in my shack not being used and it is a crying shame someone doesn't
have the opportunity to use this wonderful transceiver.

I will not post this its either pick up from the radio clubrooms or come to my place and pick it up. I don't have time to muck around
with postage and that will be an extra cost to you.
Cash or direct deposit into my account only. At 1000 dollars this price is firm as I believe this is fair.
I can deliver to the clubrooms on March the fourth club meeting 2023, or we can make other arrangements for pick up.
Anyone interested can contact me on email at lesta68@yahoo.com.au preferably, or text me on my mobile 0407829098.
No calls please as my phone is always on silent as I have lots of scam bots junk dial my mobile so if you send a text let me know
who you are and I will get back to you

Cheers, Les VK3TEX, Echuca, Vic.