RS-HFIQ 5Watt HF SDR tranceiver



This is a neat little device. A 5W SDT TRX.
The price is $239 (US) from...
A Youtube review is here....
The WIKI has a lot more info...
The design is open source so it may be an interesting starting point for a project to extend the frequency range, or just make a 6M version???
I must have a study it see if I am able to incorporate some of the details to make my Delux VFO a remote controlled one.

The Youtube Tech Minds mentions an upcoming video add on to connect over Ethernet.


On another subject. Can you supply a contour between Mt Bruno on the west of the Warby ranges to Mooroopna, please. I think Mt Major may be in the way and preventing use of the repeater on Mt Bruno (Phil VK3ELV.