Circuit Simulation


A few weeks ago, I had a trial licence for Keysight's ADS software, and now the trial has expired, I'm looking for a suitable alternative. The best candidate I've found so far, it the latest version of QUCS. ( Quite Universal Circuit Simulator ) I found QucsStudio which is a free windows program, it also runs on linux using WINE.

The user interface is very similar to ADS but lacks some of the more advanced features and depth of ADS, but since an ADS licence costs $34,000 for 12 months and QucsStudio is free, I'll live without the ability to do RF integrated circuit design and advanced 3D EM simulations of stripline boards. That said the features in the latest QucsStudio are very impressive. I'm using version 4.2.2 released on 26th June 2021.

Here is the 2M/ 70cm diplexor that I did a while back, I also simulated it in ADS with identical results as QucsStudio.
Screenshot at 2021-07-21 12-54-51.png

QucsStudio has the ability to export a netlist to KiCad, this is one of the samples from the website.


Here is the real device for comparison with the QucsStudio simulation.
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