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Upgrading a crystal locked 2M Willis Transceiver to fully synthesized operation. by Denys VK3ZYZ
This upgrade could be modified to work with most crystal locked vhf/uhf radios.
Download the Arduino code from here… Right click and save as.

Converting a 2M J pole to muli-band 2M/70cm — by Denys VK3ZYZ
My old 40 year old 2M J-Pole was kicking about unused, so here is the 
mod I did to it.

It is not as good as it was on 2M but now I have 1.5:1 on 2M and 1.1:1 on 70CM. That is good enough. It took me a lot longer to mount it and
run the cable than to do the mod. I just added a 70CM radiator. It is 171mm long.  This was just moved in and out a bit and the VSWR tested. No doubt it could be better, but now I have a dual band vertical on the roof of the house

I wonder how many others have an old 2M J-Pole that would be ready for a 
simple dual band mod??

VK3ZYZ Arduino VFO Version 1.
This programmable oscillator can replace crystals and convert a crystal based radio to a synthesized radio for less than the cost of a single crystal.

Denys is making the printed circuit board for this project available free of charge to club members.

Download Project PDF here
Installing in a Hawk Radio
Latest Arduino Software

Denys. VK3ZYZ