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Murray Quad 2019 

Preparations are well on the way for the running of this now annual Murray Quad. SADARC have
been included in the communications Management Plan since the first Murray Quad was held
several years ago and have been invited to assist once again this year.
This year it will be run on Saturday the 30th, of November and Sunday the 1st. of December. The
format will be much the same this year as last year; we will meet at the Tocumwal Town beach
sometime around noon for our check point allocations and instructions for the Sunday. The canoe
section will start at Thompsons Beach Cobram at 2pm.on the Saturday, the last canoe should arrive
at the finish at Tocumwal at around 6pm. Five radio operators will be required for this event on the
Upon the completion of the canoe event we will travel to the Rowing Club venue at Yarrawonga
ready to set up comms. for the Sunday.
On the Sunday evening any members of SADARC assisting at this event are welcome to set up camp
at the Rowing club for the night. There will be a BYO BBQ soon after setting up camp. Only three
radio operators will be required for the foot race starting at 7am. on the Sunday.
Some of us will arrive at Tocumwal on the Friday prior and will monitor 146.500 until the start of the
Tim Roadley and the Murray Quad Event Management team wish to thank those members of
SADARC who are once again assisting the community in the running of this event. We have the
required amount of SADARC members for this event but if any other members wish to come along
they will be most welcome.
Bruce VK3PNG and Darren VK3HEN.,

Any queries call

Bruce VK3PNG on 0427715663.
Darren VK3HEN on 58521092 
Andy VK3AJA on 0409 716713



Many thanks to Les VK3TEX for the pictures of the Hamfest,  lots of bargains were there to be had, and it was good catching up with fellow amateur operators.  

For those wishing to study for a licence exam, there is a new page where you can download the syllabus, study guides and practice exams.
Many thanks to Les VK3TEX

Be sure to have a look at the new Projects page and check out the latest project from Denys VK3ZYZ.

The latest is a 2M synthesizer for upgrading a Willis VHF radio. 

Denys has written up a full description of how to install his Arduino VFO in a Hawk commercial radio, and also provided the code for you to upgrade your own crystal locked radio.

Also from Denys, is a simple modification to convert an existing 2M J-pole to cover 70cm.  The details are here on the project page.

Echuca Steam Rally Preliminary Report
Bruce VK3PNG reports that a great couple of days was had by all, and has sent some preliminary pictures.

Click on the thumbnails for full size.
Thanks Bruce for the pictures.

Mt Wombat Repeater News
The dstar repeater has been relocated to  Mt Wombat, and is running ircddbgateway software.  

The upgraded 70 cm repeater Unilab KL450  is now in operation with IRLP, and linked when otherwise inactive into the VKLINK repeater network. 

The VK3RGV DMR repeater is now installed and operational on Mt Wombat. Many thanks to Peter VK3TE for supplying the equipment and setting everything up.
The Motorola DR3000 DMR is connected via a 3 port combiner to dual 2 bay binary array ( separate tx/rx) located near the top of the tower.  Initial tests show similar RF coverage to the existing analogue repeaters.  
The repeater is on  438.900 MHz offset -7.000 MHz

Mt Wombat DC supply voltages are being logged and can be viewed here.

S.A.D.A.R.C is a group of keen “Ham Radio” operators who participate in most aspects of the great range of activities available in this hobby. In order for a radio amateur to obtain a radio call sign, and transmit and receive radio signals from around the world, it is necessary to pass an examination recognized by the Wireless Institute of Australia. Our club is able to conduct these examinations for those interested in entering the fascinating world of radio communication, using their own radio, or one of those at our Club Station Base Station, VK3SOL

Visitors wishing to learn more about the hobby of amateur radio are most welcome to attend.