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Next meeting is this coming Saturday April 2nd at the new time of 11:00AM, BBQ or Pizza will be available, and the meeting proper starts at 1:00PM

The March club newsletter is now available for download from here:-

Congratulations to all the office holders elected at our Annual General Meeting. More details in the club newsletter. Looking forward to a great year ahead. See you all at the meeting this coming Saturday 5th March.

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The first club meeting to kick off 2022 is our Annual General Meeting and will be held on Saturday January 5th.
See newsletter for more details,
BBQ usually starts around 11:00, all welcome.

The December/January club newsletter is now available for downloading. Thanks to Rod VK3UG

Our next meeting will be our Christmas Lunch. As Restaurants are now allowed to open with reasonable numbers, we will have our usual combined Radio Club/ Vintage Club Christmas Lunch on Saturday 4th December. To attend this lunch, you must be double vaxxed as this rule applies to Restaurants.(Noble Monks, Maude Street, Shepparton just South of Nixon St at Noon. Editor)

The November Newsletter is now available for download.

Forum Login problems. I’m having an issue with forum login, if you find you can’t log in, try re-registering using your callsign and your account will be restored as per normal. I got hit with a flood of spam registrations and that resulting in some unwanted side effects. If you still can’t log on to the forum after re-registering, send me an email at

In Person meeting is planned to proceed as normal, for the November 6th Meeting. Hope to see you there!

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Hamfest 2021 Postponed
The club has decided to postpone this years hamfest which was due to be held in a few weeks time.  Check back here, and on our club facebook page for further updates.

Whoops Spoke too soon, the in-person meeting is now cancelled and we will have an on-air meeting instead, tune in at 1:00PM on the Mt Wombat 2M repeater.
The Club Meeting this Saturday the 7th will be an in-person meeting as per normal, time to show off your latest project and enjoy the BBQ. See you there!

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Scam Alert. ( Thanks Peter for the warning)
Robert VK3ARM has notified of us this scam so BEWARE

It appears that a scammer in the Philippines has been using VK3ARM’s identity and Amateur Radio Callsign to offer equipment for sale.

A VK2 from Mount Druitt in NSW has made contact with VK3ARM. He paid money to purchase a Yaesu FT-101 and an FT-200, believing that he was dealing with me. Obviously the radios never arrived and the seller disappeared. He has managed to have the money trail linked to the Philippines but that’s where it stopped. He used Paypal to ‘purchase’ the radios. Given that Paypal offers 180 days of buyer protection, I hope that he’s able to recover some or all of his money however his email seems to tell a rather sad tale that his money has disappeared.

This Amateur also indicated that he believed that this scammer was using my identity to steal from others.

I’ve updated my QRZ.Com Page with a significant warning at the top that I hope will warn others, particularly if this scammer is pointing potential victims to that page. It also craps me that anyone can go into the ACMA database search, enter MY callsign then print off a nice PDF copy of MY licence to prove their bone fides.

I’ve never had anything like this occur to me and I’m very far from happy!

I’d be grateful if you could circulate this to the wider Amateur Radio Community.

This is a warning to thoroughly check the Bone Fides of anyone purporting to be a Licensed Amateur and offering equipment for sale.

The June Club Newsletter is now on-line, you can download it from here.

In Person Meeting Cancelled for tomorrow June 5th
Owing to covid restrictions limiting public gathering to 10 people outdoors the in-person meeting for tomorrow has been changed to an on-air meeting to be held at the usual time of 1:00pm on the Mt Wombat 2M repeater.

The latest club newsletter has arrived. You can download it from here

New SADARC Club Facebook Group is now on-line, and welcoming club members to join up. Share your latest news and projects.

Communications report

O’Keefe Marathon Report

Three members of SADARC Graeme VK3GEK, Darren VK3HEN and Bruce VK3PNG volunteered their time along with members from the SAREG club and others assisting with the communications in the running of the O’Keefe Marathon on Sunday May the Second. Kevin VK3CKC stated that as far as the radio communications were concerned full credit is due to the team for the effort that was put into making it all work so good.

The marathon was run along 42ks. of the Bendigo to Heathcote O’Keefe Rail Trail. Along with the 42ks marathon section there were half marathon and relay events etc.

Echuca Steam Rally

There will me no Steam Rally in Echuca this years Queens birthday weekend owing to covid restrictions. Instead the organisers are holding a Family Fun Day on Saturday 12th. June from 10am to 5pm at Rotary Park, entry will be free. SADARC will be putting on a display on this day similar to the other years we attended. All members are welcome to attend.

Murray Quad.

There will be no Murray Quad this year but the orginisers stated there will be a small canoe event held near Yarrawonga in late November requiring only two radio operators to assist. Next March or April a larger canoe marathon could be run instead at Yarrawonga requiring around ten radio operators to assist.

Radio Communications Bruce VK3PNG and Darren VK3HEN.

The April Club Newsletter is here!

Radio Operators wanted for the O’Keefe Marathon
Bendigo to Heathcote
Sunday 2 May 2021

The O’Keefe Challenge, qualifying for Major Event status, consists of a number of events that require Radiocommunications in order to operate: 
1 and 2. A 42km running Marathon on the O’Keefe Rail Trail and a 7-stage Ekiden Relay from Junortoun (East of Bendigo) at 7.30am to Barrack Reserve, Heathcote.
3. A 21km Half Marathon on the O’Keefe Rail Trail starting at Knowsley at 8.30am, running towards Axedale to turn around in the Knowsley Forest and finishing at Barrack Reserve, Heathcote.
4. 10k Fun Run starting at Barrack Reserve at 9.45am, through bushland and returning to Barrack Reserve, Heathcote via the McIvor Creek Trail.
5. 5k Run/Walk Against Dementia starting at 9.30am via a circuit along McIvor Creek Trail and ending at Barrack Reserve, Heathcote. Event courses and other event information is available at:

Contact: Kevin Crockett VK3CKC if you want to participate in this fun day out using amateur radio.
Mobile: 0418 337 715
Full written instructions will be provided. There will be a small monetary donation to SADARC funds.

March 2021 club newsletter is now available for download.

Bottle Shop Net – Mt Franklin

Bottle Shop Net get together March 17th to March the 22nd

Those attending this event started arriving at the Mt. Franklin camp ground from Tuesday prior, by Thursday 16 March most had set up camp of the weekend.

A great time was held by all for the next few days. Steve VK3DP set up a HF portable base station on arrival, Gavin VK7VTX arrived on the Friday and soon had a portable station up and running.. Barry VK3NBW coordinated the Bottle Shop net on the Friday evening at around 8pm using Steve’s Collins radio, most of us took part in this net using Steve’s radio. Gavin VK7VTX coordinated the Tasmania sewing club net also on the Friday at 6pm.from Mt. Franklin.

Most of the time was spent around the camp fire chatting about many various subjects including of course our rigs, travelling and many other subjects.

Present were the Following.


Some visitors arrived for the day on Saturday, they were Kevin VK3CKC Jim, VK3VBC,.JohnVK2MOP, Barry VK3TDX and Monica VK3FMON.

The ladies who accompanied their partners were Sandra, Kay, Helen, Leann and Myrle.

Radio Australia Museum … Greater Shepparton Council’s call for proposals. — See Forum Announcements

Address Update:- Our club rooms now have a new name.
The Shepparton Flexible Learning Center.
Address remains the same.

18 Channel Road
Shepparton 3630

Latest club newsletter is now available for download.

The latest club newsletter is available for download from here:-
December January Newslette

Merry Christmas to everyone, and a Happy New Year

The Mt Wombat repeater got an early Christmas Present in the form of a new 2M receive antenna, early indications are that it’s performing pretty well, and hopefully we have seen the last of the dreaded crackle.

Photo by Denys VK3ZYZ. The installation was by Paul VK3YLS and his very competant crew.

Following the changes to coronavirus rules, the Christmas club breakup, meeting will be held at the :-

Noble Monks 120-126 Maude Street Shepparton at 1:00PM to 3:00PM
Hope to see you there!

Unforseen circumstances forced the Royal Mail to cancel our booking!

More details will be in the November club newsletter which can be downloaded here:-

For current status on the Mt Wombat Repeaters check the forum

This Australian on-line repeater directory looks very handy.

We now have a club forum up and running for club announcements and for club members to post their projects and latest aqcuisitions.

The September Hamfest has been cancelled due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. So this means there will be many more bargains to be had when we return next year.

The QSL Cards for the VI3RA weekend have arrived from Ukraine! Many thanks to Gennady UX5UO for the excellent printing. If you want qsl cards printed check out his website
This is the VFO software that Denys VK3ZYZ is designing a PCB for. So it can be used in multiple different radios/ Denys’s project is in the Club Forum Section
Geoff VK3FTRK has very generously offered to pay for and get some club stickers printed, a motion will be put to the club members during the club meeting this coming saturday. The above artwork is just a draft to see what people think.

ABC Radio interview with Rod VK3UG is here ..

And for those who missed Rod’s earlier interview with Matt Dowling on 11th March

The Radio Australia Special Event was a fantastic weekend, the moonbounce on 15 meters was a historic event, and one of the many highlights.

VI3RA Closing Video

Many thanks to Lee VK3GK for his help on the weekend, and for the video he took of the event.

Calculations have shown that HF operators are much safer than UHF operators 🙂

Radio Special Event Station Closing Down Message (Thanks to Dallas VK3EB)

Lee VK3GK operating 40m to the US and Europe on PX4

Jason VK3FNQS operating 40m to the US
Shaun VK3KK operating 40m to the US

The information package for the Radio Australia weekend is now available for download..

Guide to locations around Shepparton for the Radio Australia Event Weekend
Vision Australia Clubrooms
Radio Australia
Shepparton Brewery

Radio Australia
Special Event Station – callsign VI3RA

Registration is now open