Club Meeting is on for Tomorrow at the Vision Australia Club Rooms

See you on Saturday March 6th for our first in-person meeting for almost a year. At the Vision Australia Club Rooms. Fingers crossed.

Latest club newsletter is now available for download.

The latest club newsletter is available for download from here:-
December January Newslette

Merry Christmas to everyone, and a Happy New Year

The Mt Wombat repeater got an early Christmas Present in the form of a new 2M receive antenna, early indications are that it’s performing pretty well, and hopefully we have seen the last of the dreaded crackle.

Photo by Denys VK3ZYZ. The installation was by Paul VK3YLS and his very competant crew.

Following the changes to coronavirus rules, the Christmas club breakup, meeting will be held at the :-

Noble Monks 120-126 Maude Street Shepparton at 1:00PM to 3:00PM
Hope to see you there!

Unforseen circumstances forced the Royal Mail to cancel our booking!

More details will be in the November club newsletter which can be downloaded here:-

For current status on the Mt Wombat Repeaters check the forum

This Australian on-line repeater directory looks very handy.

We now have a club forum up and running for club announcements and for club members to post their projects and latest aqcuisitions.

The September Hamfest has been cancelled due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. So this means there will be many more bargains to be had when we return next year.

The QSL Cards for the VI3RA weekend have arrived from Ukraine! Many thanks to Gennady UX5UO for the excellent printing. If you want qsl cards printed check out his website
This is the VFO software that Denys VK3ZYZ is designing a PCB for. So it can be used in multiple different radios/ Denys’s project is in the Club Forum Section
Geoff VK3FTRK has very generously offered to pay for and get some club stickers printed, a motion will be put to the club members during the club meeting this coming saturday. The above artwork is just a draft to see what people think.

ABC Radio interview with Rod VK3UG is here ..

And for those who missed Rod’s earlier interview with Matt Dowling on 11th March

The Radio Australia Special Event was a fantastic weekend, the moonbounce on 15 meters was a historic event, and one of the many highlights.

VI3RA Closing Video

Many thanks to Lee VK3GK for his help on the weekend, and for the video he took of the event.

Calculations have shown that HF operators are much safer than UHF operators 🙂

Radio Special Event Station Closing Down Message (Thanks to Dallas VK3EB)

Lee VK3GK operating 40m to the US and Europe on PX4

Jason VK3FNQS operating 40m to the US
Shaun VK3KK operating 40m to the US

The information package for the Radio Australia weekend is now available for download..

Guide to locations around Shepparton for the Radio Australia Event Weekend
Vision Australia Clubrooms
Radio Australia
Shepparton Brewery

Radio Australia
Special Event Station – callsign VI3RA

Registration is now open