Amateur Radio Exam Package

These Standard Amateur Radio Exam notes should be studied in the following order for best clarity and continuity.

To download each section, click on the links below.

1: Voltage and Current.
2: AC Circuits.
3: Mains Power Supplies.
4: Amplifiers
5: Mixers.
6: AM Transmitters.
7: Single sideband Transmitters.
8: FM Transmitters.
9: Digital Transmissions.
10: Receivers.
11: Transmission Lines.
12: Antennas.
13: Propagation.
14: EMI.
15: Safety.
16: Measurements.

AOCP Syllabus

The articles on EMI and Safety should be read and learned completely.

The other articles should be read and the important passages are highlighted in red to emphasize their importance. These should be memorized when revising the material. They will definitely tested upon. The regulations are in the relevant folder and should be read a couple of times to get a good understanding of the required regs. The Standard syllabus is included for your reference as well to get a full understanding of all that needs to be learnt. I have included a folder with test questions. These articles are a combination of advanced questions and standard questions. The two standard exam papers can be attempted and any of the other papers also. If you need test papers made up, please contact me and i could knock some up. Les Tatar VK3TEX.

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