SADARC - Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club, Founded in 1979, Incorporation No:A6677.


THE NEXT SADARC MEETING: - Saturday 3rd June.
This will be held at S.A.D.A.R.C. Mooroopna Club Rooms in the Scout and Guide Complex on Echuca Rd.
Everyone welcome to come along and join in the meeting.

You can find more information in the Club Newsletter.

SADARC Calendar of Events
• June 3rd BBQ at 11.00am followed by Speakers will be Bill SWL talking about his latest Homebrew Projects and Andy VK3AJA talking about DMR and SharkRF Openspot.
• June 10th & 11th Steam Rally – Echuca
July 1st Club Meeting at 1.00 pm followed by a Show n Tell. (Note, President Peter will be away at Gippstech on the day so need an acting President)
• August 5th Club Meeting
• September 2nd Club Meeting
• September 10th SADARC Hamfest
• October 7th Club Meeting with AGM


Interested in obtaining an Amateur licence or upgrade? S.A.D.A.R.C. currently has licence assessors and to contact the club for information about licence or an upgrade.


Copied from the S.A.D.A.R.C. newsletter.

• Good news Bruce VK3FBNG passed his Standard upgrade exam on 3rd of May. Congratulations Bruce and we look forward to hearing you with a new calling soon.
• Jason VK3NQS is unwell at this stage and we wish him a speedy recovery to good health.
• Work is progressing on Mt Wombat. Huntly VK3ZE and Rodney VK3UG went to Mt Wombat on 3rd May to meet with Alan Tatersall of Austereo regarding the revamping of the repeater hut to better accommodate our equipment and theirs. The work will involve removal of the battery box. This was installed to house vented batteries which is now superfluous as our current back up batteries are sealed types. The central mast which now serves no useful purpose will also be removed. Then the work of generally tidying up a rather cluttered equipment hut that grew like Topsy will begin. There will be two 19” racks installed and the equipment will populate one rack whilst the other will accommodate most of the cavity resonators. Alan has drawn up the proposed layout, and there are photos later in the newsletter to show what is proposed.
• It is proposed initially that our current equipment will populate the racks and once all of that has proven to work satisfactorily installation of the equipment supplied to us will proceed. We will probably replace our current FM814 6 metre repeater with a more modern unit. Discussion on this is happening.
• Antenna installation on the new tower has been delayed, as the Cherry picker was damaged in an accident.
• Several members have said that they may be able to assist on the work in the hut which is appreciated. There is very little room in the hut and only one maybe two at times can work there. The idea of having several who may be able to help is handy as not all members will be available to help at short notice.
• At our meeting, Ian VK3ZNC, gave us an excellent talk on the theory and operation of aircraft navigational aids. Ian worked in the Department of Civil Aviation at Mangalore Airport for a number of years before his retirement. There are or were quite a few different aids used to assist aviators go from place to play without getting lost or flying into mountains. Many of these are now obsolete and GPS has made navigation quite a bit easier. I could talk about them a bit but Ian has said he will put together some information for the newsletter in due course. We’ll look forward to that.
• How accurate is your direction finding ability to determine what direction a signal is coming from? The navigational aids were able to give directional accuracy of less than 2 degrees. A lot of the work was done by comparing phase angles of various signals. We’ll wait for Ian’s notes.
• Note there will be a delay in getting our club room antennas reinstalled, but we hope to have them well and truly in by the Scout Jamboree on Air.
• This club allied with the Vintage Radio Club will be attending the Echuca Steam Rally on the Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend in June. If you can assist at the display contact Bruce or Andy.
• Note, if you are a member of SADARC you can get a discount on many items at Jaycar in Shepparton on presentation of your membership card on purchases above about $10.
• Andy VK3AJA has become very enthusiastic about Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and has purchased a TYT MD380 UHF DMR/analog FM handheld transceiver for about $138 off eBay. Peter VK3FPSR has also bought one so I imagine that as time goes by that our 70cm repeater may become a DMR repeater. However, for the time it is a matter of getting our existing services up and running well. Andy has said he’ll supply info on DMR for the newsletter.
• Geoff VK3ZNA comments that there are two common digital modes P25 and DMR. Geoff considers that DMR more closely addresses our needs. It would appear from discussion that when we go down this track, DMR will be the one selected.
• There is a 3 page attachment to the newsletter on the last Murray Quad for your info.
• It appears that our collective efforts to have Radio Australia reinstated have failed. There is a FOR SALE notice at the front gate (photo attached). It would appear that behind the scenes whether it be Government or ABC had decided to close HF radio transmissions well before the closure occurred. This action flies in the face of the Senate Committee action on the reinstatement of the services. It would seem some people in authority speak with forked tongues.

Murray Quad Report:

Finally, the Mighty Murray River turned on perfect conditions after delays from the Blue Green Algae and the recent floods the 2016 Murray Quad Australia’s first Quadrathlon was held on the 19th of November.
Participants were greeted with ideal conditions to complete the 141km from Yarrawonga to Tocumwal some doing the full distance with others competing in their favorite event either in the individual events or as part of a relay team.
The event attracted people from all over the eastern states of Australia to the idyllic Murray River region of Victoria over 150 participants were involved in the event along with hundreds more volunteers and spectators.
It all started at 7am with a 3.2km swim held on the perfectly smooth waters of Lake Mulwala.
The 21.1km Running of the Black Bull Half Marathon allowed runners to enjoy the unique opportunity to run on the international recognized Black Bull Golf Course, as since the event the Golf Course has had a major upgrade and recently won the Best Victorian Legends Pro Am Event.
Participants then completed a challenging 91.5km Individual time trial that include some small hills on Boomahnoomoohah Rd then they had to use all their endurance to push their bike along the flat rural country side to Cobram.
Paddlers enjoyed the Murray River at its finest after returning to normal levels following the recent floods the 25km course showcased the river at it best and with Australia’s largest inland Beach “Thompson Beach” providing the perfect location for the start of the paddle.
The 2016 Diamond Man (Australian Quadrathlon Champion) was award to Michael Faustmann from Williamstown who completed the 141km in a time of 7 hours and I min with Alexander Hector from Wodonga less than 10 minutes’ behind.
The Diamond Woman title was taken out by Kelly Honess from Smithton Tasmania. Michael and Kelly were also the fastest to complete both the Swim and bike legs, with Alexander Hector and Renea Kaitler from Katandra recording the fastest time for the Half Marathon Local Kayaker and Australian Marathon Canoe team member Brea Roadley defended her title as the fastest female paddler and she was also a member of Team VU that took out the relay event. The Male Peaches and Cream paddle was a hotly contested race with Melbourne paddlers Dom Scrarfe and John Young battling all the way down the river with Dom winning a sprint finish at Tocumwal Town Beach to win by less than 3 seconds completing the 25km in a time of 1hour and 43 minutes.
One of the highlights of the paddle was the involvement of Stand-Up Paddlers who travelled from Melbourne and Wagga who jumped at the opportunity to paddle their SUP’s the full 25km down the river all of whom were blown away by the experience and are looking forward to returning next year to once again Paddle the Murray.
The Murray Quad had several benefits for the region and Victoria, following the blue green algae outbreak and the flooding it was the first official water based sport event to be held on the Murray River signaling that the Murray River was back to its brilliant best and an ideal location for a true multisport event. It also showcased that the facilities that have recently been established or upgraded on both sides of the border i.e. Silverwoods Gold Course, Chainman’s island walking track, lake foreshore upgrade and official bike routes are ideally suited to multisport events such as the Murray Quad, it also gave local athletes and weekend warriors the opportunity to compete against some of the best competitors in their sport in their own back yard, which was extremely important to the area as in recent times several sporting events have been cancelled due rising costs and difficulties in adhering to more and more regulations.
In the last few years Tocumwal has lost the Tocumwal challenge, Yarrawonga has lost the Burramine Gift and the Splash and Dash, Tungamah has lost the Tungamah Ten Thousand and Cobram has lost the Peaches and Cream festival and the Cobram Show Fun Run, so now the Murray Quad is the one of only a few community run sporting event that attract visitors form interstate and overseas to this area to participate.
MQ16 0417373376 Race Director – Tim Roadley The success of the event was mostly due to the involvement from the below local community groups who supplied volunteers all supporting the push to promote the Murray River and the local region as the place to visit and enjoy. ▪ Yarrawonga Mulwala Amateur Canoe Club
▪ Shepparton District Amateur Radio Club
▪ Cobram Barooga and Shepparton Canoe Club
▪ Yarrawonga Rowing Club
▪ Yarrawonga Men’s Shed
▪ Yarrawonga Scouts
▪ Yarrawonga Yacht Club
▪ Yarrawonga Mulwala Development Inc.
▪ Tungamah and Katamatite Lions Club
▪ Corowa Events
▪ Yarrawonga, Cobram and Tocumwal SES
The fantastic support from the Shepparton District Amateur Radio Club was one of the main reasons the event ran safely and smoothly and all competitors and support team involved in the Murray Quad were accountable at any time. The SDARC team located at various check points along the route made it easy for the timing guy and race officials to determine the whereabouts of any participants on the course. As the event grows we look forward to working with the SDARC to build on this relationship to offer more updates on participant’s location throughout the event, maybe in a form of a leader board or similar.


The lack of members on the 80 metre net of a Wednesday was mentioned. If you can go on the net for a chat with other club members or others who may call in that would be great for the net.
3.630LSB 8:30PM EST
2 Meter Net from 8PM 146.650 Mhz Mt Wombat repeater

Radio Australia Transmitter:

The Continental 418G 100KW AM/DRM transmitter at Radio Australia. This transmitter was installed around five years ago. DRM is Digital Radio Mondiale, a form of short wave digital radio transmission. It has not become popular and this transmitter has not been used in this mode to my knowledge.

Wednesday the 20th of June 2018.

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Postal Address:
PO Box 692, Shepparton, Victoria 3632, Australia.

Club Rooms Located at:
Mooroopna Scout and Guide Complex
Echuca Rd, Mooroopna, Victoria 3629.
Near the corner of Echuca and Macisaac Rd
Next to the Ambulance Station.

President: Peter VK3FPSR
Vice President: Barrie VK3KBY
Secretary: Andrew VK3AJA
Treasurer: Ron VK3COP
Technical Committee:
Geoff VK3ZNA
Membership: Pat VK3OV
Newsletter: Rod VK3UG
Web Site: Steven VK3DP

Repeater Infomation VK3RGV:
Band Output Input CTCSS
6 Meter 53.725Mhz 52.725Mhz 123Hz
2 Meter 146.650Mhz 146.050Mhz 123Hz
2 Meter IRLP Node # 6992
70cm 439.775Mhz 434.775Mhz 123Hz


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