SADARC - Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club, Founded in 1979, Incorporation No:A6677.


THE NEXT SADARC MEETING: - Saturday 6th May.
This will be held at S.A.D.A.R.C. Mooroopna Club Rooms in the Scout and Guide Complex on Echuca Rd.
Everyone welcome to come along and join in the meeting.

You can find more information in the Club Newsletter.

SADARC Calendar of Events
• May 6th Club Meeting at 1.00pm followed by Ian VK3JNC talking on Radio Navigation Communication from the ground up. (This is an area of radio not many of us fully understand. I expect we will learn many things that are new to us. Rodney VK3UG Editor)
• June 3rd BBQ at 11.00am followed by regular meeting and Working Bee to erect the Clubs antennas (tbc)
• June 10th & 11th Steam Rally – Echuca
July 1st Club Meeting at 1.00 pm followed by a Show n Tell. (Note, President Peter will be away at Gippstech on the day so need an acting President)
• August 5th Club Meeting
• September 2nd Club Meeting
• September 10th SADARC Hamfest
• October 7th Club Meeting with AGM


Interested in obtaining an Amateur licence or upgrade? S.A.D.A.R.C. currently has licence assessors and to contact the club for information about licence or an upgrade.


Copied from the S.A.D.A.R.C. newsletter.

• It has been brought to my attention that some members are not receiving their newsletters via email who would normally receive them this way. If you hear queries about this suggest that the member(s) concerned look in the TRASH section of their computer email system as it may be there. If you know of members who are not getting their newsletters either by email or snail mail suggest they contact Andy VK3AJA or Peter VK3FPSR.
• It was agreed at the meeting on 1st April that the 80 metre get together on a Wednesday night go to 8.30pm for both daylight saving and standard time and that 3.630 MHz ± interference be used. Propagation and time after an evening meal makes this a much better time slot. However, apparently a VK5 group use the frequency that we have used (3.620 MHz ± interference) at this time so it would be politic to move to a nearby frequency 3.630 MHz.
• Some members are wondering why the IRLP is not operating on the 2 mx repeater. As was originally decided and approved we could purchase a board or similar so that the IRLP function could be legal. It was discussed within the technical committee and we believed that it would be better to put the necessary modification on the new repeater that has been supplied by ARV. This is intended to occur when the work by ARV and Austereo is complete. I might add we have been waiting for around 2 years for all of this to occur so we can do our part.
• Jason VK3FNQS has some ideas on add-ons to our basic repeater sets ups (including IRLP) that will be discussed in due course to see the viability of these into the future. Good to have younger members wanting to physically assist. His ideas have been passed on to the technical committee for consideration and we’ll talk to Jason about these ideas.
• Geoff VK3ZNA conducted an interesting practical day on how to construct a 6mx/2mx/70cm vertical antenna. Geoff had four (or was it 6?) apprentices in Doug VK3DMD, Greg VK3POP, Arthur VK3AFD and John VK3KJB. Whilst the antennas were not completed on the day much of the hard work of preparing the various elements was completed. Now the apprentices have to do their homework and assemble the antennas. See photos above.
• Doug VK3DMD has been experimenting with a squid pole antenna and we have an article on his experiments including the unique radials is using. See above.
• Bruce hopes to have a report on the Murray Quad.
• Third hand, it is claimed that some of our antennas on the repeater hut are obscuring the view by Geoff Broughton the Fire Watch operator. Kevin VK3BPH and Rodney VK3UG have looked at this and may well look at it again but cannot see that any of our hut antennas are causing anymore interference to vision that the existing lattice tower, the new Austereo tower and the Strathbogie Shire tower. The so called complaints have only come since the new tower was installed.
• We look forward to the antenna work being undertaken at the club rooms. Andy has been able to organise a cherry picker for some time after Easter.
• The club has decided to go ahead with a display at the Echuca Steam Rally over the Queen’s Birthday weekend 10/11th June. We do need members to attend and help with the display. The display at the Kyabram Old Machinery weekend in March was a non-event due to no one putting their hand up to assist. WE missed a good opportunity to display amateur radio. It is likely that the Vintage Radio club will be co-sharers of a site as happened last year. Andy VK3AJA and Dennis (secretary of the Vintage Radio Club) will be in touch later on to work out some details I understand.
• Andy VK3AJA is having trouble getting his idea of helping other amateur with antenna problems hard to get off the ground. It is hoped to get to John VK3XPJ’s antennas soon. Can you help with work?
• Andy VK3AJA is interested in getting a 6 mx on- air-get-together much the same as occurs on 80 and 2 metres sometime soon. With a few more antennas being made that accommodate 6 mx this is nearing being practical. When the 6 mx repeater system is upgraded (new antennas and attention to the cavities it is likely that stations as far away as Geelong will be able to fairly easily access the repeater.
• A few operators endeavour to access the 6 mx repeater with their horizontally polarised DX antennas with rather poor results. It is likely that the antennas are not tuned to the FM part of the band and additionally there is a 20 dB loss due to cross polarisation. We would urge these amateur to go the next step and put up a 6mx vertical tuned to the FM part of the band and you will do so much better than using cross polarization. Exactly the same problems happen with any crosspolarised signals on other bands. I used to have trouble on 80 metres as I used vertical polarisation and others in nets used horizontal.
• There is talk that courses can be run to assist members to upgrade their licences. This would mean that ex F calls could then use 6 mx. Talk to Andy about this.
• Greg VK3POPand Peter VK3FPSR are quite interested in establishing School Radio Stations under the tutorship of Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP. You may remember their talk to the club in February. If we don’t encourage young people into amateur radio it is likely to die a slow death. If you are interested in helping either Greg or Peter contact them.
• Next month we have Ian VK3JNC talking on aircraft communications. Ian was employed by the Department of Civil Aviation at Mangalore for a number of years. I am certain that Ian can tell us a lot about the very interesting methods of communications, navigation, direction finding, etc. Make a point of coming to our next meeting on 6th May I’m sure we will learn a lot


The lack of members on the 80 metre net of a Wednesday was mentioned. If you can go on the net for a chat with other club members or others who may call in that would be great for the net.
3.630LSB 8:30PM EST
2 Meter Net from 8PM 146.650 Mhz Mt Wombat repeater

Radio Australia Transmitter:

The Continental 418G 100KW AM/DRM transmitter at Radio Australia. This transmitter was installed around five years ago. DRM is Digital Radio Mondiale, a form of short wave digital radio transmission. It has not become popular and this transmitter has not been used in this mode to my knowledge.

Friday the 26th of May 2017.

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Postal Address:
PO Box 692, Shepparton, Victoria 3632, Australia.

Club Rooms Located at:
Mooroopna Scout and Guide Complex
Echuca Rd, Mooroopna, Victoria 3629.
Near the corner of Echuca and Macisaac Rd
Next to the Ambulance Station.

President: Peter VK3FPSR
Vice President: Barrie VK3KBY
Secretary: Andrew VK3AJA
Treasurer: Ron VK3COP
Technical Committee:
Geoff VK3ZNA
Membership: Pat VK3OV
Newsletter: Rod VK3UG
Web Site: Steven VK3DP

Repeater Infomation VK3RGV:
Band Output Input CTCSS
6 Meter 53.725Mhz 52.725Mhz 123Hz
2 Meter 146.650Mhz 146.050Mhz 123Hz
2 Meter IRLP Node # 6992
70cm 439.775Mhz 434.775Mhz 123Hz


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